Altitude Studio empowers your team and organization for DRTV success with the experiences and insight needed to ensure that chosen providers and strategies are truly the most appropriate for your individual campaign. We take a hands-on approach, managing the campaigns from launch to completion.

Direct Response Marketing & Campaign Development

At Altitude Studio we know putting the right direct response team with the correct experiences are often difficult, with compromises being made that impact the campaign and of course, the ROI. At the same time, choosing the right vendors for each project component is critical and time consuming, and this is just the beginning.

At Altitude Studio, we have the experiences, relationships and teams throughout the country to make the campaign the most effective without managing all the aspects of the campaigns.

Altitude Studio empowers your team and organization for DRTV success with the experiences and insight needed to ensure that chosen providers and strategies are truly the most appropriate for your individual campaign. We take a hands-on approach, managing the campaigns from launch to completion.

Online Affiliate Marketing

Does your company need a full-time affiliate manager or an expert to manage it? Have Altitude Studio manage your online affiliate requirements using our team of experienced professionals who will work with you every step of the way from the initial planning to recruiting and advertising. Altitude Studio will dedicate a manager to your account who will cultivate and grow your affiliate program maximizing your return on investment.

Brand Marketing

Many companies believe that brand is your logo, tagline and the glossy brochures. Instead of just your logo and taglines, a strong brand integrates multiple components and all of them are needed from customer interactions, employee communications, corporate philosophy and advertising and marketing efforts. Your brand extends to your employees, the customers, the clients, the media, and even the general public. If these components don’t consistently reinforce your brand, your customers and clients will become dissatisfied. The negative impact of their perception, should they voice their opinions to other potential customers or even the media, could have a ripple effect on your business. This can erode your brand equity and create misperceptions about your company in the market that in turn could lead prospective customers, employees and investors away from your organization.
On the other hand, positive brand image and brand consistency throughout all levels of the organization helps drive the organization to grow and prosper. Strong brands can drive an increase in sales. The company is better suited to attract and retain the best employees. Vendors can see value in your brand and look to establish partnerships with your business, while investors will see the business and your brand equity as a valuable commodity.


TV & Event Product Placement

We have relationships in partnership marketing, branded integration, product placement and lifestyle marketing in TV, feature film, music videos, and live events. Our programs and custom campaigns offer total brand communications within radio, online, packaging, co-op advertisements, consumer promotions, trade, sales incentives and public relations depending on your campaign requirements.

We can successfully negotiate, manage and execute strategic alliances that leverage each partner’s assets which meet client objectives and remain within client’s budgets.

Event Sponsorship

In creating sponsorships, we implement an integrated action strategy to ensure that each sponsorship is aligned with the organization’s brand strategy. These efforts are on target demographically and have an integrated action plan to deliver on key objectives.

We understand that marketers are being tasked with not only elevating their brand profile, but increasing consideration and driving sales. Altitude Studio builds each of its sponsorships with this goal as a priority.

» Fully integrated sponsorships
» Customized ROI measurement & reports
» Property Match & Leverage Assessment
» Market and competitive category analysis
» Endorsements
» Cause Marketing
» Signage & Naming Rights
» Event creation & ownership
» Corporate hospitality programs
» Interactive integration
» Sampling & Database Gathering
» Integrated media to support

Mobile Platform

Blurr Mobile was created with one goal in mind; to provide every brand, large or small, with a complete in-house mobile messaging solution. Our patent-pending web-based platform allows for the interactive delivery of text messages, photos, music and video. Allowing people to text back offers your company a simple way to engage, monitor and analyze customer behavior. Adding an interactive mobile component to a traditional marketing strategy has never been easier. Radio, TV, Web and Print advertising can be made interactive simply by telling the customer to send in a text message to participate or get more product information. You reach broader audience, know what others are saying about you, and stay on top of your marketing efforts all from the convenience our easy to use easy-to-use online dashboard.
Take a demo of Blurr today and learn how you can:
Engage with fans, Connect with old customers and Drive new Business
Effectively monitor all of your print, online, and social media efforts
Analyze the impact of your PR efforts on your brand, reputation and campaigns
Build detailed contact database that you can personalize and instantly connect with
Blurr Mobile is the ONLY web-based messaging solution that allows users to create unique interactive replies and personalized messaging campaigns that stimulate consumer interaction and increase brand loyalty. Our clients leverage our software platform to engaging their most valued customers on their mobile device. We are not an agency. We are dedicated to supporting and enhancing a branded self-service platform that our clients use to manage their Mobile Marketing efforts for years to come.

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