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Web Development Payment Policy

Payment/retainer for web development and programming are non-refundable. If for any reason you, as the client, decide to back out you will not be entitled to get your deposit back. Your adviser will let you, the client, know what it will cost to complete the job. Any web job costing < $1,500.00 will require full payment up front. Programming, is based on $125.00 hr (this includes spec sheet write ups) Design charge is $75.00 hr. Any site that sells products will come with PayPal gateway. If you want to use another gateway the charge will be 175.00 for this charge, this is a flat fee.

 Payment Failure

Failure to make payments will result in all current work to be stopped! If your site was developed by our team it will be shut down until payment is made. The first week we do not receive a payment your account will charged $75.00, each week after that a $50.00 late fee will added until everything is paid off. The account will also gain interest in the amount of 10% a day on top of the weekly charge. If payment is not made by the third day of being late we reserve the right to pull your site offline for non payment.


Once the developer/designer provides you with a proof it is your responsibility to check over the psd for any errors. This is also your time to revise any changes; you are entitled to two changes without any charge, after two revisions you will be charged based on the time it takes for our team to correct the issue. Psd designs must be approved before we can complete the job. If a Psd is sent to us by another design agency we will not implement things unless the client asks for it, on spec sheet, and the price has been worked out.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

SEO services are billed 1 month in advance. If you, as the client, have chosen to cancel you are responsible for paying for service during the current month and the following month, the remainder will be dropped. Example: if it is April you are required to make the payment for June as well as the payment for May; because work has already begun for next month.

Request by Client

Requesting things beyond the spec sheet can be made by email or over the phone. This will encounter additional fees added to your account. If you, as the client, have asked for work outside the spec sheet and refuse to pay, we reserve the right not to upload until payment has been made.

Request for Work

To all clients, if you request work to be done you must pay your invoice before we will start. We will no longer work on things without payment being made first. Any late invoice will receive a contact email letting you know your payment needs to be paid by 5pm est. or a 75.00 late fee for the first week will also be inserted onto your invoice for late payment.

Time Lines / Related Materials

All clients requesting site development must turn in all related materials they want used on the site no later than 1 week after the job is accepted. *IMPORTANT – Failure to do so will result in the loss of your deposit. Sites are accepted based on time frames. Once payment has been made by the client then they are accepting the terms outlined here.


During the weekend, if your job needs adjusting and you cannot wait until the following business day, you will be charged 125.00hr.

 Credit Card Payments

Please add 4% to the total, this is a convince fee.

Sites with Administration Zones

The client will be provided a word doc showing you how to use your admin area and where things are located.

 Charge for Service

$75.00 is the LEAST amount were are willing to work for.

 Rush Fee

There is a $300.00 fee for any job that is on a tight timeline. Please understand you are asking us to put your job in front of others ahead of you. This fee does not cover web development work.




Revised: 5/11/2016